Collectors and Sellers!

Trading lost and forgotten treasures, from Board Games to Retro Gaming! Is core to what we do. We buy and sell all your unwanted items, want to trade in for store credit? No problem either. Get in touch if you would like to hear about our buying and commission-based partnerships. We work with the charity sector so they are best informed and able to unlock the capital in donated items.

Refurbish, Restore, Relove

We offer a refurbish and restore service, do you have some old retro consoles you would like restored to their former glory? We can even MOD or as we like to call it enhance your old consoles, maybe you’d like your Game Boy Backlit or give your N64 a HDMI output. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and services desired.

– Games – Collectibles – Toys –

As collectors ourselves we understand the condition you expect, buy from us and you get items that are certified by our high standards. We encourage collaboration between collectors. We also actively search for rare items on behalf of our customers. Whether its playing a Computer Game or being totally immersed in the latest Board Game or even using your imagination when playing with Toys! For us, everything and anything that uses creativity or Imagination is totally #InGameUK!! Come and join us and share your experiences!


“What was your favourite toy or game as a kid? We’d love to know!?” Contact us!


– Selling – 

We operate the online eBay Shop InGameUK for all your; Games, Collectibles & Toys. We run promotions regularly and our stock rotates pretty quickly, so follow us on Instagram for the latest listings! We love hearing from customers, so if there is anything specific you are looking for get in touch!

Currently in Development. 2019 will see the launch of InGameUK.Shop where you’ll be able to find many of our exclusives and lifestyle items. We are keen to talk with independent game designers and publishers about selling their items!

– We Sell on your behalf! – 

Taking advantage of new funding models, such as through our Patreon, and Ko-fi we can subsidise a selling service for the community. Whether you’re a collector selling off your collection or simply decluttering the loft. We can take your items and sell them on your behalf, getting you top whack! You won’t need to worry about taking photos, writing a quality listing or worry about any postage concerns. Even the packaging is taken care of – to a very high standard! We will work with you to maximise the value of your items and work with potential customers to ensure 100% satisfaction. This service has been taken advantage of by people who find selling online difficult, for whatever reason! Even collectors looking to down size their collection will use us for our knowledge resources and skills. We take a modest fee and only when your item sells – no risk! Get in touch if you’d like to find out more. Contact us!