Sharing is caring, right? We’re all about collaboration. When companies and communities collaborate to reach a shared ambition, great things can happen. We believe in the promotion of artists and creators, we want InGameUK to become a launch pad for all you creative types. From Cosplayers, right through to Game Designers. We want to help you grow and create a prosperous community! With this ethos in mind, we have already begun working with the creative community in Plymouth. Here are just a few of the collaborations we have begun to establish:

Phobia-mini hearse

We have worked with Damon and team to arrange for them to appear at DevCon in Plymouth and other local events. This is Phobia, she is a classic Mini Clubman-hearse. Fully customised to every detail, taking on a real steampunk vibe, with a powerful sound system in the back its a real join to work with these guys. If your interested in private hire for any of your events, please get in touch or visit their Facebook Group.

HAN SOLO’S DL – 44 HEAVY BLASTER! – | Custom Nerf Gun

Creatively modifying Nerf Guns for the UK and international Cosplay community. Working with the very talented Flip N Walshy – a local miniature artist, we create a range of customised Nerf guns from films, games and anime. Please check out our Facebook page for the photo sets. Here is an example of one of the positive engagements, to celebrate the release of the new film; Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Given to him in the movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story by Tobias Beckett young Han Solo’s mentor. The DL-44 heavy blaster pistol was produced by BlasTech Industries. It was used during the years of the Galactic Republic and the Age of the Empire. It is considered one of the most powerful blaster pistols in the galaxy, delivering massive damage at close range; however, it had a habit of overheating quickly. Han always kept this blaster close and throughout the years continued to modify it to ensure he was ready for a fight!

We also do these to order and your own specification. So please get in touch if you want your own!