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Board Games bring people together! From every walk of life, from all over the world! They come together to share their passion, moving meeples and rolling dice! #LoveBoardGamesLoveThePlayers InGameUK was lucky enough to attend Essen Spiel 2018 – this was our first time at Essen, we made this short video that captures the vibe perfectly! We hope you like it! Enjoy your stay, and please subscribe!



You are a group of #adventuring pigs in a fantasy world. You’ve been adventuring all week, rescuing princesses, slaying dragons and its Friday Night… You just want to head down to the Bar! 🐷😁🎲🍻 We took to Vessel Beer Shop on Exeter Street in Plymouth to play Barpig, an exciting and fun little party game. Thanks to our IGUK Patreon Community we were able to produce this short promo video!


Big Trouble in Little China: The Board Game. 

This was our first Patreon video!! Looking to reignite people’s love for the Big Trouble in Little China film and their new love for the new Big Trouble in Little China board game. In this video we discuss why the film was important to us when we were growing up. We also take a look at the board game and the aspects of the game we enjoyed most. With your support we look forward to creating more videos like this in the future! Many thanks to the guys at Everything Epic.